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Magnetic Resonance Stimulation


All services may be applied individually or combined together in one visit. This unique approach is designed to target your specific, and often changing, needs. Regardless of the modality used, the goal of therapy is to relieve energy blockages, restore balance and uplift your spirit! After a treatment you can expect to feel completely relaxed and renewed, with an overall sense of well-being.

Magnetic Resonance Stimulation

The iMRS – Magnetic Resonance Stimulation bed is an FDA approved device that delivers a series of pulsating magnetic frequencies to the body. The iMRS is a bed/blanket that is placed on the massage table/under the client for any session, if desired. The device has multiple settings allowing for individualized treatment options.

The iMRS works by restoring lost energy and bringing crippled cellular resonance to a normal, healthy state of vibration. The most common effect reported is a tingling sensation of an old injury. Benefits include:

· the entire cell metabolism is rejuvenated

· blood supply moves more freely increasing oxygen flow

· the immune system is strengthened

· vitamins and minerals are better absorbed

The iMRS is safe enough to be used once a day, however, it is not recommended for those using a pacemaker.

Fees range from $80-100 per hour.

Please inquire about package deals, senior and sliding scale discounts, and additional charges for mobile/home services.
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