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Heated Stone Massage


All services may be applied individually or combined together in one visit. This unique approach is designed to target your specific, and often changing, needs. Regardless of the modality used, the goal of therapy is to relieve energy blockages, restore balance and uplift your spirit! After a treatment you can expect to feel completely relaxed and renewed, with an overall sense of well-being.

Heated Stone Massage

Over 50 smooth cobble stones, heated to 90 degrees in water, are used to warm and massage the body. Stones are placed at the tail bone and along the spine to warm up the spinal vertebrae and adjacent muscles and nerves. The regular (hand) massage begins, at the legs, then the warm rocks are incorporated into the massage. This warms and heals the muscles, stimulating the nerves, and assists the lymphatic system to release toxins, expelled through the massage. This creates deep relaxation for tired muscles. When the rocks become slightly cooled, they are then placed next to the body. The whole body is treated in this fashion. The kit also includes finger, toe, face and chakra stones. Reiki is also used to increase healing and to help renew the energy system of the body.

Suggested time for this treatment is 75 to 100 minutes.

Fees range from $80-100 per hour.

Please inquire about package deals, senior and sliding scale discounts, and additional charges for mobile/home services.

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